Pastor Paul Schleis

I'm Pastor Paul Schleis, the Pastor at First Lutheran Church. It is my privilege to share with you some important information about our congregation and the God whom we serve and love.

First Evangelical Lutheran Church exists to tell people about our loving God, and His plan of forgiveness for all. First Lutheran exists to help people with their personal relationship with God, and to foster and strengthen that relationship.

In order to accomplish that purpose, First Lutheran relies upon God's Word and Sacraments, through which the Holy Spirit works. God's Word and Sacraments are the solid foundation of First Lutheran. The members of First Lutheran gather together regularly to hear and study God's Word so that their relationship with God can be strengthened by the Holy Spirit.

First Lutheran is more that a beautiful building located on Monroe Avenue, south of downtown Green Bay. It is a group of Lutheran Christians dedicated to serving the Lord and helping people come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

What can FIRST Lutheran Church provide?


Through various organizations and activities such as Lutheran Women's Mission Fellowship, Choir, and a Seniors Group, members have the opportunity to live and learn about their Savior with others.


Through weekly Bible studies, the Bible Information Class, Catechism Classes, and other programs, people learn more about their Savior and how His death on the cross has saved all people from their sins.


With numerous worship service opportunities each week and special services during Advent and Lent, members and visitors have the privilege to hear the wonderful news of God's plan of eternal salvation and to participate in the blessings of the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.


Children from kindergarten through 8th grade have the unique opportunity to gain a Christ centered education in our Sunday School. In addition, we provide tuition assistance for our children to attend nearby St. Paul Lutheran Elementary School.


Our congregation continues to hold the entire Bible as God's completely inspired, inerrant Word as the only source of truth, faith, and life.


We at First Lutheran would like to help you - either to establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ or to strengthen that relationship. Therefore, we invite you to worship Jesus Christ with us. We meet for worship on Thursday evenings at 6:30 PM, and Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM. During the school year, we also study God's Word on Sunday morning (adult Bible class, 10:45 AM).

Our Pastor, Pastor Schleis, is available to help you spiritually in anyway that he can, whether that is counseling, hospital visitation, or simply answering questions you may have about God.

Our church is located at 743 South Monroe Avenue, just south of East Mason Street, and three blocks west of Bellin and St. Vincent Hospitals.

Thursday Worship: 6:30 PM second and third Thursday of the month.

Sunday worship:
9:30 AM

743 S. Monroe Ave.
Green Bay, WI 54301

Pastor Paul D. Schleis

Office: (920) 435-7970
Cell: (920) 621-0460