October 2018 Newsletter

Adult Bible Classes- Fellowship
These follow our Sun. churches services, from about 10:45 AM to 11:15 AM, in the Overflow Room. We continue a study entitled Devoted to Fellowship with God and Others. This new Bible study, requested by our Synod’s Conference of Presidents and written by a “son” of First (Pastor Keith Schleis, Smyrna TN) talks about various aspects of church fellowship, and then applies those principles to worship, and then to Boy Scouts issues. This Bible study came as a response to a request to re-study Scouting issues, to see if there have been any changes. The October 14 class will talk about differences in perceptions of fellowship among Christian denominations.

We’ll have no adult Bible Classes on October 07 (Pastor gone), 21 (Open Forum), 28 (Voters meeting).


FVL Dedication/Open House
Our Fox Valley Lutheran (FVL) high school in Appleton is planning a special dedication service, with an open house to follow, on Sun. October 14 (Packer game on Oct. 15), 2:00 PM. All are invited.


Senior Breakfast/Bible study
Our monthly Senior Breakfast/Bible study continues on Thurs., October 18, 9-10 AM, at the Bay Family Restaurant, corner of 9th and Military. As we feast on the breakfasts we order, we’ll also have a brief study of various Old Testament feasts.


Fall Open Forum/ Voters meetings
Immediately following the Sun. October 21 close communion worship service, we’ll hold our fall Open Forum in the worship area. All our confirmed men and women are invited to attend and participate, in this nonvoting setting. We’ll discuss the general ministries taking place here and near First. If you have any particular topic or question you’d like discussed, please contact Pastor Schleis (office 435-7970), or congregational President Roger Francois (983-5394).

Our fall Voters meeting is scheduled for Sun., October 28, immediately following our worship service, in the Overflow Room.


Adult Choir resumes
Pastor Schleis is planning an adult choir practice on Sun. evening October 28, about 6:30 PM (right after the Packer game). We’ll look to see what special music we can start to prepare for Mission Festival (November 11) and Thanksgiving Day (November 22),

We can also discuss schedules and ideas to sing during Advent and Christmas Eve/Day. Pastor Schleis will be directing. Come, join us!


Circuit meetings
Our entire Wisconsin Ev. Lutheran Synod (WELS) is divided into 12 districts (we’re in the Northern WI district), then conferences (we’re in the Fox River Valley conference), and then circuits. We’re in the Green Bay circuit, and Pastor Schleis has been re-elected as its circuit pastor. The pastors of our Green Bay circuit meet most months, either in district or conference or circuit setting, for worship, Bible study, and fellowship. When we meet as a circuit, the various churches and their pastors rotate in hosting. What a blessing to share that fellowship in our midst!

Financial Report for August 2018

Receipts:                                    $   7,680.37
Disbursements:                          $   7,841.00
Checkbook balance (Aug.31) $  2,269.30*
*Includes $760 EAF, $162 of Carillon interest

Educational Assistance Fund (EAF)
       WELS CD                                $  4,195.28+
+ 760 due from the General Fund
Short Term Asset (undesignated)  $     7,991.99
Estate Funds (undesignated)         $ 577,640.06
Endowment (restricted)                  $   85,293.78

 WELS Historical Institute meeting
Our Synod’s Historical society plans to have its annual meeting on Sun. (Packer BYE week) October 21, 3 PM, at the WELS Mission and Ministry center in Pewaukee. The topic will be “WELS Mission Work among the Apaches.” Pastor Schleis is considering driving down after our Open Forum that day. Want to come along?


FVL/Mission Festival
Originally, we had been planning to have a combination Fox Valley Lutheran (FVL) Christian education and Mission Festival Sunday in earlier October.  However, the preacher from FVL is now not available for that date (his first grandchild will be baptized then!), so we’ve re-scheduled the FVL/Mission Festival for Sun. November 18. Pastor Schleis will be trying to coordinate special music from our ChristLight and catechism students, and adult choir, for that day. We’ll try to have a special meal after that service as well. Check the later October bulletins, and the November First Lutheran in Action newsletter (due on Oct. 28), for more up-to-date details.

Our Synod is promoting a Mission and Ministry Sunday for October 21, and Pastor Schleis will be looking over those materials to see what we can appropriate.

Development directors from our FVL have asked to come to all the churches in our Federation, to explain and promote the Let the Children Come building fund campaign. Those directors were not available on November 18, so we’ve scheduled them to come on December 16, for a brief presentation after the service.


Sign up for C18
1,000,000 souls. To share the gospel with 1,000,000 souls prior to and on Christmas Eve. That goal is part of WELS Congregational Services’ C18 program. The only way to achieve that goal is for all WELS members, young and old, to embrace the privilege and responsibility of sharing Christ with unchurched friends, relatives, and neighbors. A simple way to do that—invite them to come with your family to our Christmas Eve worship service. A recent survey found that 80% of unchurched adults would seriously consider accepting an invitation, extended by a friend, to attend a Christmas Eve service. C18 walks you through this process step-by-step. For more information and to sign up to receive free weekly materials and encouragement, go to www.welscongregationalservices.net/c18.



Please keep these shut-ins in your prayers, and even in your letters and calls and visits:

Bruhn, Ruth
Century Ridge Asst. Living # 103
2510 Bluestone Pl.
Green Bay WI

Farah, Joyce and JoBeth
7758 Haines Rd.
Sturgeon Bay WI 54235

Jepson, Kurt
Innovative Services, 1276 Hannah St.
Green Bay WI

Johnston, Sharon
Highland Apt. # 525
1945 Mill St.
Green Bay WI 54302

Kabat, Arlene
425 Gray St.
Green Bay, WI 54303

Keyzer, Jim & Judy
1115 N. Platten St.
Green Bay WI  54303

Mantick Ruth
Bornemann Nursing Home # 211
Green Bay WI 54302

Vanderheyden, Ronnie, Barb
438 S. Baird St.
Green Bay, WI 54301



October    3  - Jean DeSmidt

October    5  - Fay Okrasinski

October    8  - Hannah Vanderheyden

October    9  - Sam Bork

October 21   -Jacob Bursa

October 22   -Morgen Lee Welty

October 24  - Adam Schleis

October 28   -Keith Obermiller



October    2  - Tim & Donna Maes (36)

October    8  - Brian & Cindy Voigt (30)

October 10  - Mike & Karen Gierczak (48)

October 15  - Randall & Linda Peterman (35)

October 24  - Mark & Joni Nuthals (43)


LWMS: The Fall Rally will be held at Bethany Lutheran Church in Appleton on Nov. 3rd.  There will be a sign – up sheet for carpooling on the narthex table for any interested. See the flyers in this newsletter.

            The Mite boxes for LWMS missions are due in to Dorothy by 10/7 either to her or in her mailbox.




Thursday Worship: 6:30 PM second and third Thursday of the month.

Sunday worship:
9:30 AM

743 S. Monroe Ave.
Green Bay, WI 54301

Pastor Paul D. Schleis

Office: (920) 435-7970
Cell: (920) 621-0460