May 2018 Newsletter

Catechism and Christ Light
The final Christ Light (Christian education for our children kindergarten through 5th gr.) class, and catechism instruction for 6th and 7th gr. for this school year was April 25. We thank teachers Valli Sickler and Cynthia Krzewina for faithfully instructing Christ’s lambs here at First. Christ Light (replacing Sunday School) will resume after Labor Day weekend.

An 8th gr. student, Alex Armbruster, will be making the most important promises of his life, to remain faithful to Christ and His word, at Alex’ rite of Confirmation at our Sun. May 06 9:30 AM service. Let’s keep Alex, and all our youth, in our prayers, and let’s show our support with church attendance especially on May 06. There will be plenty of room!

Adult Bible Class
We’ll conclude a video series entitled Preparing Your Children for the Transgender Revolution. This presentation will especially help our parents of grade school and high school children, in dealing with the transgender issues they may face in the public schools.  We meet after church on Sundays 10:45-11:15 AM, in the Overflow Room. The final classes will be on Sun. May 05 and May 19. There will be no class on Mother’s Day May 12

Adult instructions classes (Bible Information Class, BIC for short) are being conducted on Tuesday afternoons, 2:00-3:00 PM throughout most of the spring and summer, in the Overflow Room. The setting is casual, and all materials are provided. Completion of a BIC is a major step for the unchurched to know their Savior, and pursue church membership.

Ascension May 10
Our close communion service on Thursday evening (6:30 PM), May 10, will center on the Ascension of our Lord. Special readings, hymns, and reference in the sermon will help us remember the importance of this church year festival.

Notes from the April 22 Voters meeting:

- About seven voting members were present.

- The minutes from the January Voters meeting, as well as the financial reports for the 1st q. of 2018 were accepted as presented. As predicted, we draw from the Short Term Asset acct., as needed, to help pay bills.

- Pastor Schleis’ report was accepted as presented. The transfer of Troy Heuvelmans to St. Mark (WELS) De Pere was ratified. Two children’s baptisms to be done later that day were also noted. We number about 138 souls, 121 communicants.

- The Shepherding report was accepted as presented. The church Council discussed a recent study of WELS demographics.

- Under Spiritual Life items, it was noted that we’ll host a carillon tour of LWMS visitors from the national rally here on Thurs. June 21.

- The Properties report was accepted as presented. We’ve received some generous anonymous donations to go toward landscaping improvements at the church and parsonage.

- The proposed 2018-2019 budget was accepted. Roger Francois was re-elected as President/Director of Shepherding. The Spiritual Life director position remains open.

Senior Breakfast/Bible study
Our monthly Senior Breakfast/Bible study continues on Thurs., May 17 19, 9:00-10:00 AM, at the Bay Family Restaurant, corner of 9th and Military. We’ll touch on sections of Exodus 25-31, which talk about the various worship items and procedures for the Old Testament Tabernacle (portable Temple). All seniors (of whatever age) are invited.

FVL News
Please watch for recent information on our Fox Valley Lutheran (FVL) High School remodeling/expansion program entitled Let the Children Come. Groundwork has already begun, and the plan is to have everything ready for the beginning of the 2018-19 school year, when enrollment is projected to be over 660 students! Supporters can donate online, or through church offerings.

A special newsletter with giving requests for special projects at FVL is posted on the Entryway bulletin board.

A mortgage burning service (anticipating the full payoff of the present Growing in Grace building debt, still a little over $200,000) is planned for June 10 at 2 PM.

Endowment and Estate Funds
In our monthly newsletters, and in bulletin inserts about once a month, you’ll see updates on our special Endowment and Estate Funds.

The Endowment Fund was established over a decade ago, with special funds gifted to First. While there were no restrictions from the donors, First’s voters designated that no more than 5-6% of the yearly proceeds should be distributed. Those Endowment Fund proceeds have never been distributed, and have been added back into the Fund. The Endowment Fund is invested in our Synod’s WELS Balanced Fund, a conservative investment vehicle for our churches and schools. Quarterly updates of the WELS Balanced Fund are posted on our Entryway bulletin Board.

The Estate Fund was established a few years ago, from some generous estates gifted to First. There are no restrictions on the use of the Estate Fund, either from the donors or from First. Most of the Estate Fund has been invested in the WELS Balanced Fund, with some of it invested in a high yield CD for our WELS Church Extension Fund. The quarterly yield from that

CD has been placed into First’s General Fund, for ongoing expenses.

Financial Report for March 2018

Receipts:                                    $   8,103.00  
Disbursements:                          $ 14,429.00
Checkbook balance (Mar.31) $    1,947.55*

*Includes $1317 EAF, $312 of Carillon interest,

Educational Assistance Fund (EAF)
       WELS CD                             $   4,177.77+
+ $1317 due from the General Fund
Short Term Asset (undesignated)  $ 27,499.44
Estates Fund (undesignated)       $ 413,278.40
                      (CD)                      $ 162,000.00
Endowment (restricted)              $ 84,809.15 

Internet information
Pastor Schleis emails out the weekly bulletins to anyone who wasn’t in church that weekend. The weekly bulletins, and monthly newsletters and calendars are also posted on our church’s web site:

Pastor Schleis also records our Sunday services, and can convert that recording to either a portable MP3 file, or a physical CD to be played at home or in your vehicle. Please contact Pastor Schleis, if you’d ever like a copy.

We’ve also learned that our neighbors at St. Paul (WELS) Green Bay live-stream their 10:30 AM service on their church Facebook page. Pastor Schleis enjoyed that option during our April 15 snowstorm, when we were forced to call off our Sunday service. Please feel free to check out St. Paul’s Facebook page for information.

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First Lutheran’s Facebook page is We’re told that if we "like" the posts on the Facebook page and especially if we share, it really increases the post reach.  



May 2 – Donna Maes

May 6 – Gladys Larsen (87)

May 8-  Adele Leanna

May17 - Brianna Cole

May 18 - James Keyzer

                Denise Schleis

May 20 - Kevin Cole

                Woody DeSmidt

May 21 – Bonnie Teuteberg                           

May 24 – Leonard Osterloh

May 27 – Jacklyn Cole



May 27 – David & Heidi Gierczak (10 years)

May 29 – Dorothy Zehms (87)


A Thank-you from Central Africa Medical Mission (CAMM)

Dear Members of First Ev. Lutheran Church,

On behalf of the Central Africa Medical Mission I want to thank-you for your love and support in sending the box of pill bottles to the Mobile Clinic in Malawi. Their inventory on these was low so your box came at a critical time. The staff uses them to dispense creams, syrups and liquids from larger bottles to help them go further, thus being good stewards of the funds they spend which comes solely from donations.

Your help, prayers and gifts are very much appreciated. To God be the glory of your service and kindness.


Cheryl Valus, Contact Women Coordinator





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