January 2018 Newsletter

Adult Bible Class
After church on Sun. January 710:45-11:15 AM, in the Overflow Room. We’ll finish the series on the Lutheran Reformation, with a class entitled The Bible into People’s Hands.

Due to the Winter Open Forum and Voters meetings, there will be no Bible class on January 14 and 21. Pastor and Mrs. Schleis plan to be in TN on January 28, so there will be no Bible class then as well.


2nd & 3rd Thursdays for worship
From now until Ash Wednesday, we’ll resume having Thursday evening worship services just on the 2nd and 3rd Thursdays of the month. So, there will be Thursday worship on January 11 and 18 (both communion).


Winter Open Forum/Voters meeting
The winter congregational Open Forum is scheduled for Sun., January 14, right after the communion service. A Power Point presentation updating work here at First will be shown. All our confirmed members, men and women, are welcome to attend, and provide input.

The Winter Voters meeting is scheduled for Sun., January 21, right after the communion service. Regular reports, and membership items, will be handled.

Financial Report for November 2017

Receipts:                                    $   14,563.15
Disbursements:                          $   11,529.00
Checkbook balance (Nov.30)...$     9,078.05*
    *Includes $ 1007 EAF, $226 Carillon interest

Educational Assistance Fund (EAF)
       WELS CD                              $   4,141.77+
      + $1007 due from the General Fund

Short Term Asset (undesignated)  $    39,518.74
Estate Fund (undesig.,Balanced)    $  400,925.94
       (undesignated, CD)                  $   162,000.00
Endowment (restricted, Balanced)   $    82,023.52

Senior Breakfast/Bible study
Our monthly Senior Breakfast/Bible study continues on Thurs., January 18, 9:00-10:00 AM, at the Bay Family Restaurant, corner of 9th and Military. In our study of Exodus 22 we’ll read about laws protecting property, and social responsibility. All seniors (you decide the age) are invited.


Joint Pastoral Conference
Pastor Schleis plans to attend the Fox River Valley/Manitowoc joint Pastoral conference, scheduled for Mon.-Tues. January 22-23, at St. Peter (WELS) Sturgeon Bay. Pastor Schleis plans to stay overnight that Mon. night at the Bridgewater Resort, right next to St. Peter. Dr. Mark Braun of WI Lutheran College will be giving presentations on the book of Judges, and the intertestamental period. In addition, there will be reports, and opportunity for fellowship.


EAF envelope
Included in our new 2018 offering envelope pack are two envelopes (one now, one in fall) for our Educational Assistance Fund (EAF). The EAF provides grants to students and their families attending our WELS Lutheran Elementary Schools, High Schools, Martin Luther College or Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.


BALC moving in!
Our area WELS Bay Area Life Center (BALC) was given permission by First’s Council to move into one of First’s School rooms by the end of this month. The BALC is connected with the WELS Lutherans for Life organization, and works to counsel mothers away for abortions. The BALC had been renting facilities across from St. Paul (WELS) here in Green Bay, but feels our location can give them more room, and better visibility. The BALC will be providing $200/mo. for utilities. We welcome them!


Notes from the December 19 Council meeting:
- Pastor Schleis’ opening devotion was taken from a portion of Dr. Martin Luther’s Christmas sermon on Luke 2.

- Representatives from the WELS Bay Area Life Center (BALC) discussed their proposal to rent a room from First’s school building for their charity work and pregnancy counseling. First’s Council gave approval, and a full report will be given to First’s January 21 Voters mtg.

- The minutes from the November 2017 Council meeting, and the financial reports for November 2017 were accepted as presented. While we had a good positive balance in the General Fund checkbook at the end of November, we know higher utilities and other winter bills are soon coming.

- Pastor Schleis’ report was accepted as presented.  The Winter Open Forum was set for January 14, and the Winter Voters meeting for January 21, both right after church. There was some discussion of the time and logistics of our family Christmas Eve service

- The Shepherding report was accepted as presented. A delinquent, who has not responded to pastoral and Shepherding attempts at contact, will be directed to attend the January 17 Council meeting for admonition and encouragement. We presently have seven members on the delinquent list (haven’t worshipped/communed for six months or more).

- The Spiritual Life report was accepted as presented.  A seniors group will be touring our church on January 4.  A nonmember WELS wedding is planned here for June 16 (rental fee $100).

- The Properties report was accepted as presented. A bid of $785 for a furnace air activator report was approved. There was grateful discussion of anonymous gifts for $1500 for future church and parsonage landscaping, and $500 for a new lawnmower.


Communion hymn singing
At times, we’ve struggled with the singing of the communion hymns. With one group of people up receiving communion, and another lining up to do so, it can be challenging to keep track of what hymn verse we should be singing.

Here are some suggestions to help:

- Our organist usually plays three – four verses at a time, plays a short interlude, and then goes into the next set of verses.

- Please take whatever personal preparation time you need, before going up for communion. But, once you’re prepared, and well before then, sing!

- Those communion hymn verses contain solid Biblical theology, and are beneficial to hear when up for communion. Our best help for fellow communicants is singing, not watching.


First on Facebook
We thank Valli Sickler for maintaining a Facebook presence for First Lutheran at www.facebook.com/firstlutherangb . This page was started a few years ago, at our 150th anniversary, and Valli has updated that page ever since. In addition to church news (and, check out the beautiful photography), WELS news and devotional materials are now being added. We thank Valli, along with former member Dan Knutson (First’s web site), for maintaining a vital presence for us on the web.


Men of His Word Conference
Please check the information on the Entryway bulletin board, as well as their website www.menofhisword.org, for information and registration for the 9th annual WELS Men’s conference on Sat. February 24, in Oshkosh.


Women’s Retreats
Please also check the Entryway bulletin board, for a poster advertising a WELS Women’s retreat, March 9-11, in Oshkosh. Check the website http://pathwaystochrist.org for more information, and registration options.


2- Greg Schleis

3-Sharon Johnston

7- Gabriel Prenger

11-John Bursa

14-Ruth LaMack

17-Kurt Jepson

25-Derek Cole

26-Florence Lemke


If you have any filled Mission Mite boxes please turn them into Dorothy Treptow at any time.


Our beautiful Christmas trees do need to be taken down. We will be doing this on Saturday, January 6 at 9:00 AM






Thursday Worship: 6:30 PM second and third Thursday of the month.

Sunday worship:
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