December 2018 Newsletter

ILCW-C series
As we begin a new church year, we’ve also begin a new series of Scripture readings and sermons, the Inter Lutheran Commission on Worship (ILCW) C series, followed by many Lutheran churches. That series may be found on p. 165 in the front of our hymnals. Pastor Schleis’ sermon will often be one of the three readings, or it may be from a Christian Worship Supplement (CWS) alternate. We’ll continue to use the readings from the new Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV) Bible translation. More information can be found on the EHV website

Advent Worship
We’ll begin our special midweek Advent services on Thursdays December 06, 13, 20 at 6:30 PM, in the Overflow Room. The theme for these services will be What Child is This? Pastor Schleis will alternate with Pastors Nass and Zabell at St. Paul (WELS), Green Bay.

We’ll celebrate Close Communion on December 06 and 13. Our adult choir will have practices, 5:30-6:00 PM, the evenings of the Advent services.

Financial Report for October 2018 

Receipts:                                    $   4,504.18
Disbursements:                          $ 10,186.00
Checkbook balance (Oct.31)    $     772.49*
    *Included $1265 EAF, $220 Carillon interest 

Educational Assistance Fund (WELS CD)
$1265 due from the General Fund  $   4,213.06
Short Term Asset (undesignated) $ 28,679.58
Estate Fund (undesignated)
       (WELS Estate)                      $ 400,047.03
       (CD)                                       $ 162,000.00
Endowment (WELS Balanced, restricted)                                                             $  85,293.78

St. Paul will have its Advent services on the previous Wednesdays, 8:30 AM & 6:30 PM. First’s members are invited to attend St. Paul’s services, as their members are always welcome to attend our services. The same preacher and sermon will be at both places each week.

Bible Class – Devoted: Fellowship
These follow our Sun. churches services, from about 10:45 AM to 11:15 AM, in the Overflow Room. We’ll continue a study entitled Loving Truth & Loving Souls, as we continue to apply Biblical fellowship principles to church and worship items.      

   Then we’ll take an in-depth look at modern day Scouting, and see how those Biblical principles still apply.  

 Christmas Eve service program
As we’ve done in the past, our Mon. December 24 Christmas Eve service will have special participation from our children, male leaders, and adult choir. Pastor Schleis has assembled and distributed our Christmas Eve service program.

Mass rehearsals for the children are scheduled for Sun., December 02, 10:30-11:30 AM, and Wed. December 19, 6:30-7:30 PM. We’ll have some sort of supper for the children before the Wed. December 19 practice, since they’re already here for catechism and Christ Light earlier.

As in the past, we’ll have a sign-up sheet in the Entryway for anyone wishing to donate items for the children’s Christmas bags. Because of concerns with allergies, we ask that there be no nuts/peanuts donated.


Senior Breakfast/Bible study
Our monthly Senior Breakfast/Bible study continues on Thurs., December 20, 9:00-10:00 AM, at the Bay Family Restaurant, corner of 9th and Military. In our study of Exodus 32, we’ll see how quickly the Israelites reverted to idolatry (Golden Calf), and how Moses interceded for them.

Holiday Services
- Our Christmas Eve service, with participation by children, choir, male lectors, and congregation, is scheduled for Monday December 24, 6:30 PM.

- Our Christmas Day Song service is scheduled for Tuesday December 25, 9:30 AM.

NOTE: We encourage all our members, especially our families with children, to plan to be here, or somewhere, for worship on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day.  “Keep Christ in Christmas” by coming to church!


- Our New Year’s Eve Day Close Communion service is scheduled for Monday December 31, 4:30 PM. Please note the afternoon time.

1960 Christmas cards – free
Some beautiful Christmas cards, with the church interior from 1960, are available on the Entryway table. Help yourselves!


Please keep our shut-ins in your prayers, letters, and visits:

Bruhn, Ruth
          Century Ridge Asst. Living # 103
          2510 Bluestone Pl.
          Green Bay WI

Farah, Joyce & JoBeth
          7758 Haines Rd.
          Sturgeon Bay WI 54235

Jepson, Kurt
          Innovative Services
          1276 Hannah St.
          Green Bay WI 

Johnston, Sharon
          251 Highland Park Ave. #525
          Green Bay WI 54302

Kabat, Arlene
          425 Gray St.
          Green Bay, WI 54303               

Keyzer, Jim & Judy
          1115 N. Platten St.
          Green Bay WI  54303

Mantick Ruth
          Bornemann Nursing Home #211
          Green Bay WI 54302

Peterson, Arlene
          1505 Eastman Ave.
          Green Bay WI 54302

Teuteberg, Mark
          Odd Fellows Nursing Home
          Allouez WI

Vanderheyden, Ronnie, Barb
          438 S. Baird St.
          Green Bay, WI 54301


In the military:

PFC Benjamin Porod (daughter Paislee)
             523 Riley Place, Apt. A
             Ft. Riley KS 66442


BALC Gift cards
    The Bay Area Life Center (BALC), the WELS pro-life counseling center in First’s School building, will at times give out $25 gift cards to people needing items for their young families. Along with those gift cards, the BALC volunteers also work to have one hour Bible studies with the clientele, and have referred adult instructions and baptisms to Pastor Schleis. He has instructed three adults, confirmed two, and baptized eight children through these contacts.

   Would you like to help out families in need this time of year, but are unsure how to do so properly? Cash donations to the BALC might just be the thing! Please contact Pastor Schleis, for more information.

2019 Offering Envelopes
Our 2019 offering envelope packs should be in our church mailboxes by Christmas Eve. Since the envelope list is re-alphabetized each year, your offering envelope number may very well change from year to year. So, please do not use these 2019 envelopes until January 01, 2019. And, please dispose of any 2018 envelopes after December 31, 2018.

There is signup sheet on the Narthex table if you would like to donate a poinsettia for our altar for Christmas. Sign up by Sunday, December 16th. Please indicate whom it is in memory of and whom it is from. Cost is $20, please pay Sue Frizzo.



2- Mark Teuteberg

6- Jacob Mittag

7- Dorothy Treptow

9- Ayden Brault

14- Arlene Kabat- 101!

17-Arleen Peterson

24- Samantha Sickler

27-Sue Frizzo



24- Keith & Rose Boettcher - 36 years         

28-Tim & Diane Juroff   -      44 years          31- Steven & Julie Walter -     11 years


Needle Club: We have received another $250 grant from Thrivent for supplies. We can apply for these grants twice a year. The money is used for material to make blankets for Bellin Cancer Team, Unity Hospice and babies who are baptized in our church. We also make aprons for residents Century Ridge Assisted Living Facility.

Congregational Dinner: Our Congregational Dinner has been scheduled for March 10, 2019 at the Rite Place. More info later.





Thursday Worship: 6:30 PM second and third Thursday of the month.

Sunday worship:
9:30 AM

743 S. Monroe Ave.
Green Bay, WI 54301

Pastor Paul D. Schleis

Office: (920) 435-7970
Cell: (920) 621-0460