May 2017 Newsletter

Christ Light
The final Christ Light (Christian education classes for youths kindergarten through 5th gr.) class for this school year was April 26. We thank teachers Valli Sickler and Cynthia Krzewina for faithfully instructing Christ’s lambs here at First. Christ Light (replaces Sunday School) will resume on Wed. September 06, after Labor Day weekend.


Sunday Bible Class
In our May 07, 14 and 21 Sun. morning Bible classes (10:45-11:15 AM, in the Overflow Room), we continue a series entitled The Word Endures: Lessons from the Lives of Powerful Politicians. This year is the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran  Reformation, and this Bible study applies Scripture to some of the key politicians at the time of Luther. In May, we’ll take a look at Landgrave Philip of Hesse, who was too willing to compromise (both his doctrine and his morals).


Senior Breakfast/Bible study
Our monthly Senior Breakfast/Bible study continues on Thurs., May 19, 9:00-10:00 AM, at the Bay Family Restaurant, corner of 9th and Military. We’ll see how and why God sent the Israelites manna and quail, in Exodus 16.


Financial Report for March 2017

Receipts:                                    $ 187,638.90
Disbursements:                         $ 143,280.00
Checkbook balance (Mar.31) $201,951.88*
*Includes $1012 EAF, $465 Carillon interest, D. Robinson estate moneys

Educational Assistance Fund (EAF)
       WELS CD                               $  4,130.07+
+ $1012 due from the General Fund
Short Term Asset (undesignated)  $ 102,563.70
Estate Fund (undesignated)           $ 319,053.73
Endowment (restricted)                 $   73,163.09

Ascension May 25
Our worship service on Thursday evening (6:30 PM), May 25, will center on the Ascension of

our Lord. Special readings, hymns, and reference in the sermon will help us remember the importance of this church year festival.


Bellin Run – Team WELS
Pastor Schultz, from Messiah (WELS, Bellevue): “Are you planning on participating in the Bellin Run on June 10th? Consider joining with your fellow WELS members from our area churches as part of the Bellin Run Team Challenge. We'll reserve a parking spot for you here at church. You also have the opportunity to purchase a specially designed dri-fit t-shirt for $15.” Full information is available on a sign-up sheet on the Entryway table.


WELS Teen Activities for the summer
Our teens, currently in 7th-12th grade, are invited to a Teen Night at Bay Beach (June 21), and a bus trip to Great America (July 19). Please see the informational sheets attached to this newsletter for details. Reservations have to be in by June 18 (Bay Beach) and July 6 (Great America).


FVL School Choice materials
Our Fox Valley Lutheran (FVL) high school in Appleton is part of the WI School Choice program, which gives eligible families vouchers for tuition payment. Please see the flyers and DVD on the Entryway table, if interested.


“Like” us on Facebook
First Lutheran’s Facebook page is We’re told that if we "like" the posts on the Facebook page and especially if we share, it really increases the post reach.  


Email and web page
Pastor Schleis emails out the weekly bulletins to anyone who wasn’t in church that weekend. The weekly bulletins, and monthly newsletters and calendars are also posted on our church’s web site:


EHV translation out this summer
Our Synod’s Northwestern Publishing House will release the Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV) New Testament and Psalms this summer. This new translation will feel both fresh and familiar to readers. The readable style of the EHV will help readers understand clearly what God is revealing to them through his Word.

(NOTE:  First has been using the EHV for the bulletin Scripture readings since late November.)

Translated faithfully from the original Greek and Hebrew, the EHV proclaims the gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. The expressions, imagery, and style of the original

texts are there, giving readers a lasting picture of God's grace and mercy for a lost human race.

    Some of the features of the EHV New Testament and Psalms that will help readers get the most out of their study include:

- Brief introductions for each book

- Topical section headings

- Footnotes for deeper understanding

- References to parallel passages

- References to Old Testament quotations

Pastor Schleis has put a sign-up sheet for the new EHV Bibles. The price, $13.49 to 10.49, will depend upon how many copies we purchase. Please check for more information on this WELS/ELS translation project. Pastor Schleis plans to purchase a few copies as soon as they’re available, and will then put them out on the Entryway table for viewing.


District 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation
Our Northern Wisconsin District will be holding a district-wide worship service this fall to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. Here  are some initial details:

When:            Sat. October 28, 2:00 pm

Where:           Fox Cities Performing Arts Center

 400 W. College Ave. Appleton

Preacher:        Professor Paul Koelpin – MLC

Choirs:           WI Lutheran Seminary Choir,            Area Lutheran High School Choirs

Capacity:        About 2,000 seats will be available

Cost:              Tickets will be free; Congregations will be asked to support the service with a special gift to cover the costs for this event (total costs estimated to be $8000-$10,000)

Fellowship:      Following the service there will be an opportunity for food and fellowship at the Performing Arts Center. There will be artwork displayed from district schools, as well as displays from NPH, WLS, and MLC.

    Please watch for more information in the coming months.


WELS Hymnal Project
The current hope is that next hymnal and accompanying resources would be available for purchase during the second half of 2021.

Congregational testing

- 25 pastors using and reviewing each of the three years of the new proposed church year calendar and lectionary.

- 20 congregations sampling various typefaces for use in print and digital resources.

- 125+ congregations receiving an array of musical resources for six current Christian Worship hymns as well as six new hymns not currently found in WELS’ published resources.

Hymn feedback

Starting this July, the Forward in Christ magazine will run a series of nine articles that focus on the use of hymnody. Along with those articles, the WELS Hymnal Project will be publishing online the current list of Christian Worship and Christian Worship: Supplement hymns, indicating which hymns have been selected for inclusion in the next hymnal and which ones have not. All members of the synod will have the opportunity to offer feedback on this preliminary list. Watch for these articles and the list this summer.



May 2              Donna Maes

May 6              Gladys Larsen (86)

May 8              Adele Marie Leanna

May 17            Brianna Cole

May 16            Denise Schleis

May 18            James Keyser

May 20            Dr. Woody DeSmidt

                        Kevin Cole

May 21            Bonnie Teuteberg

May 24            Leonard Osterloh

                        Ryan Sickler

May 27            Jacklyn Cole

May 29            Dorothy Zehms (86)

May Anniversary

May 29          David & Heidi Gierczak (9 years)


In this newsletter is a copy of the International Lutheran Women’s Mission Society election ballot. Every woman belonging to WELS congregation is a member of LWMS and can vote for the candidates on the ballot Please mark your ballot and put it in the ballot box that is in the Narthex by Sunday, May 21st.  Don’t forget to vote for Home and World Mission Projects also. The ballots will be counted and the results must be mailed to the LWMS office by Sunday, May 25th. Only one ballot will be sent in from a congregation. Please contact Dorothy Treptow if you have any questions. 494-8412.








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