September 2018 Newsletter

First is blessed with an Education Assistance Fund (EAF), which helps our families pay some of their tuition costs at our WELS Schools, which can run from about $2000 (Lutheran Elementary School, with First paying 2/3 of the tuition) to $6500 (Fox Valley Lutheran High School, Federation rate) and up to about $15,000 (Martin Lutheran College). Applications for the 2018-19 EAF grants, and a special offering envelope for the EAF, will appear in early September. In October, First’s Church Council, seeing the funds available in the EAF, then awards grants to applicants in January 2019.

Catechism resumes September 05
Catechism instructions for our public school 6th-8th graders resumes after Labor Day weekend, on Wed., September 05, 5:00-6:30 PM, in the Overflow Room. All of First’s children not attending a Lutheran Elementary School (LES) will attend our public school catechism instruction. We expect to have 5-6 students.

ChristLight resumes in September 05
Our ChristLight (replaces Sunday School) program, for our public school children Kindergarten – 5th gr., will also resume on Wed., September 05, 5:30-6:30 PM, in Room 3 on the church’s main level. We expect to have at least three children in K-2nd gr., and possibly none in 3rd-5th gr. We thank Cindy Krzewina for teaching Christ’s lambs.

Financial Report for July 2018 

Receipts:                                    $   7,305.63
Disbursements:                          $   7,630.00
Checkbook balance (July 31) $ 1,949.83*
*Includes $760 EAF, $74 of Carillon interest

Educational Assistance Fund (EAF)
       WELS CD                                $  4,195.28+
+ 760 due from the General Fund
Short Term Asset (undesignated)  $   12,991.99
Estate Fund (undesignated)           $ 577,640.06
Endowment (restricted)                 $   85,293.78

Bible Class resumes September 09
As growth in Christian education should not be limited just to our youth, we provide adult Bible Class, following our Sun. churches services, beginning Sun., September 09, from about 10:45 AM to 11:15 AM. We’ll begin a study entitled Devoted to Fellowship with God and Others. This new Bible study, requested by our Synod’s Conference of Presidents and written by a “son” of First (Pastor Keith Schleis, Smyrna TN) talks about various aspects of church fellowship, and then applies those principles to worship, and to Boy Scouts issues. This Bible study came as a response to a request to re-study Scouting issues, to see if there have been any changes. The September classes will talk about blessings and purposes of Christian fellowship, with real modern-day applications (many of which will have a “southern” flavor!).

Senior Breakfast/Bible study
Our monthly Senior Breakfast/Bible study continues on Thurs., September 20, 9-10 AM, at the Bay Family Restaurant, corner of 9th and Military. We’ll conclude our study of the Tabernacle (tent church) in Exodus 25-40.

WLS Symposium, September 17-18
Pastor Schleis plans to attend a Symposium on Pastor as Shepherd-Leader, Mon. afternoon through Tues. morning, September 17-18, at our Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (WLS) in Mequon. This symposium, primarily for pastors and WLS students, will give presentations on:   Paradigms of Shepherd-Leaders; Shepherd-Leaders under the Cross; The Shepherd-Leader at Work: Moving Forward.  Pastor Schleis plans to stay overnight Mon. night, and be back by mid Tues. afternoon.



Sept. 5      Robin Keiler

                Madeline Mittag

                Cindy Krzewina

Sept 8        Ruth Schmidt (84)

           Eric Spoerl

           Matthew Spoerl

Sept. 10    Vanessa VanLanen

Sept. 11    Paislee Porod

Sept. 12    Lee Treptow (84)

Sept. 14    Robert Pomeroy

Sept. 15    Tim Watermolen

Sept.17     Don Koehler

                Melissa Melotte

Sept. 21    Karen Gierczak

Sept. 23    Kaylee Jenna Jones

Sept. 24    Cindy Voigt

Sept. 29    Lindsay Moua

                Darryl Ruprecht


Needle Club: Monday, September 10 is our first Needle Club meeting for the season. We will meet at 9AM at the Allouez Café for Breakfast first. All the ladies are invited to help us make lap robes for Bellin Cancer Team and Unity Hospice. We also make aprons for residents of Century Ridge Assisted Living and quilts for our newly baptized children. The coffee is hot for these meetings, bring your own bag lunch.

GRIEFSHARE: Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church (2160 Packerland Dr.) will be hosting GRIEFSHARE on Thursday September 6, 2018 through Thursday, November 29, 2018. GRIEFSHARE is a Bible based 13 week support group for people grieving the loss of someone close. GriefShare will offer biblical comfort and encouragement during the difficult time of grief. Times are 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Please call (920)256-0829 for information. Brochures available at the church.       


Sept. 4 -   Mark & Tammy Spoerl (25)

     Sept. 5 -   Pastor Paul & Denise Schleis (36)

Sept. 6 -   Dave & Sharon Johnston (48)

Sept. 13 - Allen & Judy Sigmund (38)

Sept. 27 - John & Laura Bursa (21)

Sept. 28 - Dan & Elizabeth Mittag (16)

     Sept. 30 - Darryl & Jeanette Ruprecht (51)




Thursday Worship: 6:30 PM second and third Thursday of the month.

Sunday worship:
9:30 AM

743 S. Monroe Ave.
Green Bay, WI 54301

Pastor Paul D. Schleis

Office: (920) 435-7970
Cell: (920) 621-0460