February 2018 Newsletter

Adult Bible Class
In February, we’ll begin video series entitled  The Age of Gender Confusion and Preparing Your Children for the Transgender Revolution. These will provide Biblical and rational answers to these morality issues. Know what your children and grandchildren are facing!

We meet after church on Sundays 10:45-11:15 AM, in the Overflow Room. Hope to see you there!


Lent begins February 14.
This year, First is in a Lent rotation, with the pastors from Beautiful Savior (Ashwaubenon), Christ the King (Howard), Messiah (Bellevue), Mt. Olive (Suamico) and St. Paul (Green Bay)  “exchanging pulpits.” The theme for these midweek Lenten services and sermons is Jesus is our Great High Priest.


We begin our Lenten season with the February 14 Ash Wednesday close communion service at 6:30 PM. Then, the other March midweek Lent services are on Thursday evenings 6:30 PM, all in the main worship area.


The schedule for midweek Lent will be:

Ash Wed. February 14          Perfect High Priest     

Thurs. February 22                    At a Great Altar

Thurs. March 01                   We’re made Priests

Thurs. March 08       Compassionate High Priest

Thurs. March 15       Self-sacrificing High Priest

Thurs. March 22                      Great High Priest


Our Christ Light and catechism students will be singing part of a Lent hymn during the Ash Wednesday service. Our adult choir will be singing some special music during these midweek services, and have practices before most of the Thursday service.

Melissa Melotte and Roger Francois are again coordinating and serving the special Lenten suppers on the six midweek Lenten services.

Those suppers will again be held in the Overflow Room, 5:00-6:00 PM, and menu sign-up sheets will be posted on the Entryway table. Proceeds from the freewill offerings (after expenses) will go to our Education Assistance Fund.

 Financial Report for December 2017

Receipts:                                    $ 14,066.22 
Disbursements:                          $ 15,563.00
Checkbook balance (Dec.31) $    5,581.27*
*Includes $1007 EAF, $-11 of Carillon interest,

Educational Assistance Fund (EAF)
       WELS CD                          $   4,165.00+
+ $1007 due from the General Fund
Short Term Asset (undesignated) $  32,584.22
Estate Fund (undesignated)         $ 400,924.24
                      (CD)                   $ 162,000.00
Endowment (restricted)                $ 82,023,52 

Senior Breakfast/Bible study
Our monthly Senior Breakfast/Bible study continues on Thurs. February 15, 9:00-10:00 AM, at the Bay Family Restaurant, corner of 9th and Military. We’ll study Exodus 23:1-19, which talks about laws of justice, mercy, and ceremonies.


Men of His Word Conference
Please check the information on the Entryway bulletin board, as well as their website www.menofhisword.org, for information and registration for the 9th annual WELS Men’s conference on Sat. February 24, in Oshkosh.


Women’s Retreats
Please also check the Entryway bulletin board, for a poster advertising a WELS Women’s retreat, March 9-11, in Oshkosh. Check the website http://pathwaystochrist.org for more information, and registration options.

Hospital News
If you are ever hospitalized, please contact Pastor Schleis as soon as possible, so he can come to visit. The hospitals themselves do not always contact the church office in a timely manner.


Martin Luther College Choir Concert
We’re invited to our Martin Luther College (MLC) choir’s sacred concert on Sat. February 17, 7:00 PM at First German (WELS) Manitowoc.


Camp Phillip/Camp Bird summer camps
Our Christ Light children will soon receive flyers, and extra flyers and information is available in the church Entryway, about the following WELS summer camps:

- Camp Bird, for 5th – 8th graders, various camps in July, up in Crivitz.

- Camp Phillip, for almost all ages and many specialties, throughout the summer, down and over in Wautoma. First Lutheran is part of the Camp Phillip federation, and thus gets a discount for our campers. Both camps are excellent, Christ-centered, well - run, and fun camps for our children and teens.


BALC moves in
Our area WELS Bay Area Life Center (BALC) has moved into one of First’s School rooms. The BALC is connected with the WELS Lutherans for Life organization, and works to counsel mothers away from abortions. The BALC had been renting facilities across from St. Paul (WELS) here in Green Bay, but feels our location can give them more room, and better visibility. The BALC will be providing $200/mo. for utilities.

Once they get settled in, they’re planning to have volunteer hours Mon. and Thurs. 3-6 PM, and Tues. noon – 3 PM. We await more information from the BALC on their work, and their needs.


Notes from the Winter Voters meeting:
- 9 voting members, and guests, were present at the January 21 Voters meeting.  The minutes from the fall 2017 Voters meeting were accepted as presented.

- The financial reports for the 4th q. of 2017 were accepted as presented. By God’s grace, all bills and commitments have been met, and we are blessed with various balances and funds to help finance the work of First Lutheran.

- Pastor Schleis’ report was accepted as presented. Ryan Sickler’s requested release was ratified. We number about 137 souls, 122 communicants.

- The written Shepherding report was accepted as presented. The oral Properties report was accepted as presented. Various maintenance items, such as sidewalk issues in front of the school, landscaping projects (beginning in spring), and furnace maintenance were discussed.


Notes from the January 22-23 Joint Pastoral Conference in Sturgeon Bay
After the opening communion service, the pastors went through presentations on the book of Judges by Dr. Mark Braun of Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC). It was a disturbing time in Israel’s history, and the “heroes of faith” in Judges were sinners as well. Also, Dr. Braun gave a fascinating presentation on the Intertestamental period (time between the Old Testament and New Testament books), which gave us many insights into early New Testament people and events.

Our District President reported on the many pastoral vacancies (over 110) in our Synod, and the upcoming Northern WI District convention this summer at Manitowoc Lutheran High School.    Reports were also given on our Synodical prep high schools, Martin Luther college and WI Lutheran Seminary.



February 7 -   Rose Boettcher

February 15 - Clayton Hyde

February 20 - Ronald M. Vanderheyden

February 25 - Lollie DeBeck (89)

February 27 - Barbara Vanderheyden



February 3 -    Allan & Florence Lemke (67)

February 14 -  Jeff & Lori Rose (37)

February 19    Mark & Bonnie Teuteberg (41)


Congregational Dinner:
This year we are having our annual Congregational Dinner at the Rite Place, 1580 Bellevue St.  It is closer to the church than the old location. The date is Sunday, March 11 with fellowship and cocktails at 11:30 and dinner at 12 noon. There will be a sign up sheet on the Narthex table, please sign up by Sunday, March 4th. The cost is $14.00 a person including tip. The money will be collected at the door.Come and enjoy good fellowship and a very good dinner!


LWMS Convention
Packets about the annual International LWMS convention are available on the narthex table. The convention this year is in Green Bay. The packet includes registration forms, info on schedules, speakers, tours, cost etc. Take one, look it over and consider attending, these conventions are wonderful and a little cheaper for us this year as it is here at home!






Thursday Worship: 6:30 PM second and third Thursday of the month.

Sunday worship:
9:30 AM

743 S. Monroe Ave.
Green Bay, WI 54301

Pastor Paul D. Schleis

Office: (920) 435-7970
Cell: (920) 621-0460