September 30, 2018                              Pentecost 19

Christians fight against selfish ambition.


Liturgy:        Morning Praise (Matins) (p.45)

Hymns:          586     Venite     192     Te Deum     462

Psalm 51b (p. 87)


Lesson: Numbers 11:16,24-29    Moses rejoiced in the gifts that God gave to His people and desired that those gifts be even more abundant to the glory of God and the benefit of God's children. Service to the glory of God is our goal, be it that of the greatest of the prophets, that of the seventy chosen by God to assist, or that of those in the assembly with still other gifts from the Lord.

Epistle: James 4:7-12    Let’s lament and cry over the crosses we impose on one another, when our own jealousy and pride give birth to strife and loveless faultfinding. The fruit of true repentance is humility that serves with a pure heart.

Gospel: Mark 9:38-50    Jesus puts a quick end to personal pride of place. The important thing is humble service; the great sin is anything in me that gets in the way of such humble service to his glory and in accord with his Word.


Sermon Text:  James 4: 11-12

Who are We to Judge?

1.     If the Lawgiver, yes.

2.     If a law-judger, no.

Adult Bible Class – Purpose of Fellowship

Adult Bible Classes are held on Sundays 10:45-11:15 AM, in the Overflow Room). We’re following a new Synod Bible study on Fellowship and Scouting. We’ll consider Romans 16, a key portion of Scripture our WELS had to apply in the break of fellowship with the LCMS in the early 1960s. Come, and find out why.


Gone south, for a few days

Pastor and Mrs. Schleis plan be down in the Nashville area next weekend, visiting family. They plan to leave Green Bay early Thurs. Oct. 04 morning, and be back home suppertime Mon. Oct. 7. In case of immediate need of pastoral care, please contact Pastor Jon Zabell (St. Paul Green Bay) 435-8468.


Notes from the September 19 Council meeting:

   Pastor Schleis’ opening devotion, based on John 20:1-18, addressed the question “How Can You Believe the Resurrection?”

   The minutes from the August 2018 Council meeting, as well as the August 2018 financial reports, were accepted as presented. The final $5000 was paid to finish to organ refurbishing project. Another $1550 will be paid for the repair of the carillon clapper (eventually from carillon funds), and $2400 for church landscaping (delayed due to the wet weather). When First’s Estate Fund was transferred from the WELS Balanced to the WELS Endowment fund, about $31,000 of profits were placed into First’s Short Term Asset fund, for ongoing expenses. More volunteer money counters are still sought, to replace Don and Roberta Koehler (who are retiring after many, many years of faithful service).

   Pastor Schleis’ report was accepted as presented. We received back (from St. Mark De Pere WELS) Troy Heuvelmans, by way of transfer. We now number about 132 souls, 116 communicants. Since the FVL guest preacher will now not be available in mid-October, we’ve moved First’s Mission Festival/FVL Sunday to November 18.

   Our Fall Open Forum is scheduled for Sun. October 21 after church, and our Fall Voters Meeting for Sun. October 28, also after church.

  The Properties report was accepted as presented. A quote of about $2500 for church gutter and Overflow Room roof work was approved. A fall outside work day will be considered in later October, after the leaves have fallen. Watch also for a volunteer snow blowing/shoveling schedule, beginning around Thanksgiving Day.


Invitations to celebrations:

   - Mt. Olive (WELS) Suamico would like to welcome us to join them for a special dedication service for their recent building addition and renovations (2460 Mt. Olive Dr, Suamico) TODAY at 4pm with a potluck meal to follow.

   - Christ the King (ELS) 1700 Cardinal Lane Howard invites us to their 25th anniversary celebration on Sun. October 14. Open house 9-10 AM, anniversary service at 10:30 AM, dinner at the Rock Garden at 12:30 PM. Please reply to by October 01, with your name and how many guests would attend the dinner.


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Thursday Worship: 6:30 PM second and third Thursday of the month.

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