August 16/19, 2018                                Pentecost 13

Feed on the wisdom of Christ.


Liturgy:        Service of Word and Sacrament (p.26)

Hymns:          222     283     314,316        356

Psalm 1 (p. 64)


Lesson: Proverbs 9:1-6  Christ has built His house, the Church, in which He provides the richest food of all, the only real food for the soul.  Where wisdom is the food, where Christ Himself is host and banquet, there is understanding of life and its purpose, of death and its goal, and of all that is necessary in between and beyond.

Epistle: Ephesians 5:15-20    Either we walk in folly or in wisdom. Those whose food is wisdom walk with God. Their path is one of understanding and joy, even in the evil times. The Word, through which the Spirit comes, they sing and say to themselves and to one another, that they may always be filled with saving food and be found on that path of wisdom with and in Christ.

Gospel: John 6:51-58    Our Lord spells out very clearly the nature of the two kinds of food for the soul. Those who imagine that the only food is physical and temporal feed their souls on bread that perishes. But those whose food is Christ Himself and His Word of the gospel, eat a bread that lasts forever. The Father gives it and all its saving benefits freely in Christ.


Sermon Text (Thurs.):     2 Corinthians 1:3-7

God Comforts Us to become Comforters

1.     God comforts us in His compassion.

2.     So that we can comfort others.

Sermon Text (Sun):         Proverbs 9:1-6

Truth in Advertising

1.     The Product.

2.     The Claims.

3.     The Satisfaction.

Our celebration of the Lord's Supper
Jesus teaches us that celebrating the Lord's Supper together is a public expression of unity in our Biblical, Lutheran beliefs. It should only be celebrated together when that unity is there.

 Since we can't look into hearts, our unity can only be established by our public confession of faith through church membership.  We do not presume to judge anyone's personal faith, but we do want our celebration of this special meal from Jesus to be faithful to His institution. Communicant members of our sister churches (W/ELS) are welcome to commune with us.


Guest preacher on Thursday
We thank retired (em.) Pastor Roy Rose for conducting our Thursday evening communion service, while Pastor Schleis is in Portland Maine. May the Lord bless us through His word and Sacrament, proclaimed and administered by Pastor Rose in our midst.


Pastor Schleis in Portland Maine
Pastor and Mrs. Schleis’ son Adam has recently accepted a job offer in Portland Maine, and Pastor Schleis has gone this week to move Adam out there. Pastor plans to fly back to Milwaukee about suppertime Friday August 17, and then drive home. In case of emergency, you may contact Pastor Zabell (St. Paul WELS Green Bay) 435-8468 Tuesday through Thursday, or Pastor Schultz (Messiah WELS Bellevue) 784-4728 Friday.


Christian Education in Fall
As summer is winding down, plans are being made for resuming our normal avenues of Christian education for all ages.

- After Labor Day weekend, catechism instructions will resume for 6th-8th graders on Wednesdays, 5:00-6:30 PM. Pastor Schleis expects to have at least five students in catechism, and will soon be having home visits with the new students and parents.

- Also, ChristLight (replaces Sunday School) for preK-5th gr. resumes after Labor Day weekend on Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30 PM. It looks like we’ll have a number of preK – 2nd gr. students, but no 3rd-5th gr. ones.

- Finally, our adult Bible Classes after church (10:45-11:15 AM) will resume after Labor Day weekend. We’ll begin a new Synod Bible study on Fellowship and Scouting.


Prayer for Safe Travel
Lord, let Your holy and powerful angels attend us wherever we go, to keep us safe from all harm. We count on You for all our protection. Be with us to bless all of our travels and vacations. Keep us in mind of our salvation so that we serve You faithfully whether we are home or far away. Amen.

                                                              There’s a Prayer for That    p.   12                              



Tues.-Fri., Aug. 14-17                           Pastor in Portland, Maine

Thurs., Aug. 16            6:30 PM           Worship Service w/Communion

Usher: David Gierczak

Sunday, Aug. 19          9:30 AM          Worship Service w/Communion

Ushers: Greg Keiler (head), Randy Peterman, Lloyd Jastrow

Tues. Aug. 21               10:00 AM         Pastors’ Winkel

                                    2:00 PM           BIC I

Thurs. Aug. 23             6:30 PM           BIC II

Thurs.-Fri. Aug. 23-24                          Shut0In Visits by Pastor Schleis

Sun. Aug. 26                9:30 AM          Worship Service

Ushers: Greg Keiler (head), Allan Lemke, Kevin Cole, Derek Cole



Officiant:          Pastor Rose/Pastor Paul Schleis

Organist:          Denise Schleis/Sandi Swoboda


Sunday        Offerings Rec’d        Budgeted          Variance
YTD                 $9,074.63      $10,393.92        ($1,319.29)

            “How can I repay the Lord for all his goodness to me?

                            I will lift up the cup of salvation

                         And call on the name of the Lord.

                           I will fulfill my vows to the Lord

                          In the presence of all his people.”     (Psalm 116:12-14)


First Ev. Lutheran Church
(Wisconsin Ev. Lutheran Synod) 
743 S. Monroe Ave.   Green Bay, WI      54301

2nd & 3rd Thursdays                           6:30 PM

Sunday Worship                                  9:30 AM

Sunday Bible Class                            10:45 AM

Church Office:  435-7970

Pastor Paul Schleis: 621-0460 (cell phone)

Thursday Worship: 6:30 PM second and third Thursday of the month.

Sunday worship:
9:30 AM

743 S. Monroe Ave.
Green Bay, WI 54301

Pastor Paul D. Schleis

Office: (920) 435-7970
Cell: (920) 621-0460